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Hi, I am Zaida,

I am certified as a Professional Coach with Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness, NLP practitioner, Image Consultant, Fashion Art Director,  Visual Merchandiser, Community Manager and Make up Artist.

Furthermore, I have and special and therapeutic approach to dance. I am an holistic dancer for 15 years and I create experiential shows and train women on meditation movement, Tribal, Spanish gypsy and Sufi dance.

My specialty is helping people celebrate life, create beautiful and inspiring moments and cope with difficulties that cause them anguish, anxiety and stress, so that they can identify and achieve their personal goals and focus on creative projects. I am glad to be part of the successful evolution of my clients, and I will gladly help you too. Contact me and learn more.

Zaida Jubera

Zaida Jubera en conexión con la naturale

 "Feed your soul and fly"

Zaida Jubera


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